07. High School Musical Project

Given solely te title of the movie, we were given the option of creating a final piece of our and the option of working in a group. As part of a group, the initial idea was to create a 3-4 mins trailer of High School Musical – East London Version. However, due to the time span of the project, we had to choose an alternate way of portraying it, as editing the video would consume a lot of time. We decided to keep the idea, but rather than a traile, we opted for a video slide show.

Scenerios and locations were selected which collaberated with the essence of East London.

Preliminary photos taken :- Samples

To emphasize the storyline and add an essense of moving forward, through the use of Photoshop, we add an illustrative view :- Poster edges to format the images as well as captions and speech bubbles for a description of the scene.

Roles & Castings

  • Creative Director – Khalum
  • StoryBoard Creator – Steven
  • Editors – Aliecee, Khalum, Patricia
  1. Troy – Mesab
  2. Gabriella – Aliecee
  3. Ryan – Yusuf
  4. Sharpay – Patricia
  5. Chad – Nathan
  6. Kelsy – Ashaya
  7. Mrs Darbus – Wonda
  8. Coach Bolton – Vijay
  9. Extras – Shimeles, Asad

End Product


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