10. Postcards

The project entails creating 6 postcards which are creative and bold, that will attract the eyes of passer bys. By first researching previous postcards as well as postcards on sale today I was able to see various styles and formats to postcards, after which I was able to derive various themes to base my very own postcards on.

As for research, I visited several stores in Central London and viewed many types of postcards.



  • International
  • Local
  • Surreal
  • Landscapes
  • Portraits
  • Jokes (Rude, childish, sexual, over the top)
  • Sports
  • Party

For my theme I choose to do international intwined with free running. The concept of free running is to turn an everyday journey into a more outrageous and exciting trip by incorparation acrobatics into the mix. To begin with I chose several famous locations from across the world and played with the idea of free running. Most postcards are bought to show others where one has been or what they have been doing, during vacations one would usually take a picture whilst mearly standing besides the landmark. However, the impact that free running has is to break these standards, a mear walk turned into a tapestry of acrobatics and performances. Thus using these ideas I chose to intwine the two standards of photography and free running.

As most usually take pictures of the landmark neat and tidily, I’ve decided to add performances to the image and try to depict some entertainment within the image. ‘The World is my Playground’ – a slogan I’ve incorparated within the design to express travelling as a from of playing, to encourage others to travel.

The designs :-

I’ve used posted edges on the images to create a poster effect as though the advertising for others to join in an participate in such an event. I chose silhouettes as to show many people rather a distinct group, this also allows others to see whom the wish or add the very own face on to the image. I chose vibrant, bold and eye catching colours to express a sense of joy and freedom as well as playfulness.

london%20eye final

Square final

Colosseum final



big_ben_lights Final


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