11. Snap Crackle & Pop

Snap, Crackle & Pop – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, therefore the project is to create and design a new brand of cereal in it’s entirely.

This entails designing the visual identity, packaging, marketing tool slogan & TV commercial.

To start off the project I firstly research design’s of cerael boxes from the past to the present, by collecting several designs from various companies allowed myself to view the transition of the styles and layout formats to the present day.

As a primary source of data gathering, I visited several supermarkets to see firsthand designs of boxes and how they are shelfed, this also allowed me to speak to customers and ask them several questions as to why the select particular brand and the reasons.

  • Which is your preferred brand of cereal and why?
  • How were you introduced to this particular cereal?
  • Do you believe the design of the package reflects on the taste of the cereal?

Results of Questions:-

Which is your preferred brand of cereal and why?

Number of people  –         Brand                –                Reason

12                                  –         Cornflakes       –           Healthy, Tasty

6                                     – Shredded Wheat –           Healthy

1                                      –   Cookie crisps     –           Tasty, Delicious

1                                     –             Oats              –          Easy to swallow

How were you introduced to this particular brand?

  • TV advert
  • Friends
  • Caught my eye on the shelf
  • Was introduced to it as a kid

Do you believe the design of the package reflects on the taste of the cereal?

Yes – No

6   –   14

During the Easter holidays I created a collage of cereal boxes on an A4 sheet of paper and asked 50 random people to select which was most eye catching to them as a reference to colour and layout for the market audience.

By performing this survey I learnt the most attractive colours for cereal boxes are white because it usually translates into something healthy and red because it is bold and eye-catching and reflects a sweet taste.

Visual References



There are many varieties of cereals, however the main focus for adults when choosing cereal is whether they are healthy whereas children focus on taste. Brown is known as a reference to cereal containing chocolate therefore popular with children. Another focus for children are the characters they grow fond off due to appearance and catchphrases.

A few characters :-


The two most famous cereal characters :-

Coco, the monkey & Tony, the tiger








During the easter break I was staying with my Aunt, during breakfast my Aunt would always ask my 6 year old nephew what he wanted for breakfast. His response was always ‘Sweets’, which was when I though that it is every childs to eat sweets to there hearts content, but is always denied due to the fact that is not healthy. But what would happen if there was a brand of cereal which served healthy sweets.

With this idea of healthy sweets in mind, I began by thinking of which element to impliment as my sweet. With Chocolate out of the question I went to the newsagent and view to the available snacks and sweets we all desperately try to avoid.

In the end, I chose marshmellows as my base as they are soft and chewy and as an added bonus they are a bit absorbent, therefore compliments with most cereal behaviour. So my cereal began Healthy Marshmallows and thus lead to the designs for my cereal boxes and my character.

Prior to the design making aspect, I believed that coming up with a name for the cereal would help my designs, so a list formed based on Healthy Marshmallow Cereal, taking into account the shapes may be remodeled to take a geometric shapes as well as the texture.

Names :-

  •  Rise                                                                   
  • Shooting Stars
  • Universe
  • Spectrum
  • Element
  • Silky-mallows
  • Smooth-licious
  • Mighty-Os
  • Feathery

‘Feathery’ is one of the names that stuck with me, I believe it can relate to my character designs alway as well as informative, feathery describing light. But I needed to find a stronger version so i developed more titles :-

  • Feather Flight
  • Feathers
  • Take Flight
  • Angellicious
  • Feather Light
  • Light Breaky

I’ve chosen ‘Feather Light‘, therefore the marshmallows will be shapes as feathers. And the character I design will have wings as a required condition. Birds are a always attributed with wings but I also wanted to attribute it to various animals because birds aren’t very popular amongst children.

Character designs :-





My chosen character :-

Winged Wolf


Cereal Box Designs :-

Taking into account the results from my questions as well as the visuals of the past and present cereal designs, I began developing my own.


BK 1 copyBK 2 copy









Front cover

Cereal box branding Working Progress4 copy

Cereal box branding Working Progress3 copy

Final Designs :-

Cereal box branding Working Progress5

BK2 Fin

3D Box :-



To create the Advertisement, I primarily spent time watching television ads to get a general idea of how to advertisement progresses as well as visiting various youtube videos.

Cereal Ad – Mikey Likes It

10 various cereal ads

Though not particularly familiar with video editting software, I chose to keep the video simple however I wished to experiment with animation thus I chose to do a collaberation between the two.

The video is a focus on the cereal box as well as being a Healthy Sweet. The Eye of the camera is a childs eye view focusing on surroundings and the music entertains his enthusiasm.

Final Video :-


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