12. Mystery Ball – Peter Saville

Mystery ball, the name I pulled out of the ball is ‘Peter Saville‘. The project entails making my own piece of work using the name I picked out of the ball.

Peter Saville is one of the most influential graphic designer of his generation. Best known for his seminal record covers for Joy Division and New Order. Saville has also art directed catalogues and advertisements for fashion brands such as Yohji Yamamoto and Dior, and created corporate identities for Givenchy, Mandarina Duck and London’s Whitechapel gallery.

  • Peter Saville born 9 October 1955 in Manchester
  • Peter Saville is famous for the design of record sleeves for Factory Records artists
  • In 1979, Saville moved from Manchester to London and became art director of the Virgin offshoot, DinDisc
  • He subsequently created a body of work which furthered his refined take on Modernism, working for artists such as Roxy Music, Duran Duran, Wham! and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
  • Saville founded the design agency Peter Saville Associates before he was invited to close his office in 1990 to join the partner-owned Pentagram, one of the most respected and very few truly multidisciplinary design agencies in the world
  • In 1993, Saville left London & moved to Los Angeles and joined the ad agency Frankfurt Balkind with his longterm collaborator Brett Wickens
  • Saville soon returned to London. For a brief period, he founded The Apartment for the German advertising agency Meire Meire from his modernist apartment in Mayfair
  • The Apartment produced works for clients such as Mandarina Duck & Smart Car before he returned to freelance under his own name
  • In 1999, Saville moved to offices in Clerkenwell to re-restart Peter Saville Associates (later renamed Saville Parris Wakefield)
  • He reached a creative and a commercial peak with design consultancy clients such as Selfridges, EMI and Pringle.
  • Other significant commissions came from the field of fashion. Saville’s fashion clients included Jil Sander, Martine Sitbon, John Galiano, Yohji Yamamoto, Christian Dior & Stella McCarthney


A few of Saville’s Work :-



‘Designed by Peter Saville’ is a book based on Saville’s various work. In which I was informed that Saville traces the origins of his distinctive graphic style to a single stolen book. During his first year of graphic design course at Manchester Polytechnic, he was joined by his former schoolmate Malcolm Garrett, who had abandoned the typography & graphic communications degree course at Reading University after only one year. Returning to Manchester, Garrett brought with him the fundamentals of historically rooted design education and the University library’s copy of Herbert Spencer’s Pioneers of Modern Typography (1969). Inspired by Garrett’s new found styles, Saville raided the treasure chest to similar effect – Saville began to leaf through Pioneers.

Later on Saville described his BA as Roxy Music and his MA as ‘Pioneers‘.

Following this thought, I chose to to take my inspiration from ‘Designed by Peter Saville’ which I found in the East London University library and use ‘Designed by Peter Saville’ as my ‘Pioneers’.

My Designs for Cd Labels :- I’ve chosen to do Rock and mostly Electro music






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