2/01 – Re-Label



Re-design your favourite…




 Tams Treasure’s are the official UK retailers of ‘The Mountain’. The Mountain is a clothing franchise based in the US. There are over 500 designs and up to 9 sizes for each. Orders are made from UK distributors of the Mountain t-shirts on a daily basis.


 The Mountain is my favourite clothing label because of the variety of designs when it comes to my favourite animal – Wolves.

The mountain logo – Simple and to the point, the logo expresses its namesake. A landscape clipart but doesn’t express the designs it sells.

Logos :-

Designs :-

By overlaying my wolf design over a mountain forestation, i create the semblance of tghe labels namesake while conveying the nature of the t-shirt designs.

 Lucida Handwriting used to assertain the gentl to steep slopes comparable to the mountains and valleys. Wolf used due to association with nature and a creatures of spiritual essence. Unshakable and untamable as they live they’re lives in nature.


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