2/05 – Backwards Movie

Title; including title sequence. The movie; a sequence or communication set of images or interpetation of experience or documentary information. The narrative or script using words. 

To come up with the title for this film my colleague and I wrote several names onto paper in conjunction to the theme of dancing as well as randomness and created a lottery draw. We each chose pick one and combined the names together. Patricia recieved “Michael Jackson” and I picked up “Christmas”. After much thought we combined the two to create “Jacko’s Eve”, ‘Jacko’ being a nickname for Micheal Jackson and ‘Eve’ in correlation to christmas eve – 24 Dec. 

With a name (Jacko’s Eve), We proceeded to generate ideas for the actual movie. We choose a horror theme, Michael Jackson being the killer. Finding that he died on the 24th of June created a conjunction with Christmas eve – both being the 24th. With that we research horror flick title sequences for ideas as well as other genres for a general view. 

Examples of title sequences:- 


Jeepers Creepers 

Nightmare on Elm Street 

Anatomy of a Murder 


Catch Me If You Can 


The Birds 

Se7en, Casino Royale etc… 

Saul Bass – Graphic Designer (1920-1996)




 Site of Filming with props:- 











Movie screenshots & scenes:-

Title Sequence Storyboard:-

Final Addition:-

1. Title Sequence starts with MJ’s silhouette rising from the bottom of the scene, then moving to the side to open the curtains.

2. Picture of a window with a full moon and cloud is revealed as the curtain moves away. Zoom into moon as cloud moves aside to show writing on the moon image (“Picture Presents”). (= Takes on a first person view)

3. Cuts into next scene where a monkey and a picture of Macaulay Culkin on a chest of drawers come in. Scene zooms into monkey’s chest to see the words “A Thriller Production”

4. Sliding into the next scene of MJ’s Jackey on a hanger. Zooms into jackets label where the actress name is shown.

5. Next scene is of a dressing table which contains a glove, a knife, blood stains, drugs, hammer, and a hat on the top side. A hand silhouette comes from the bottom of the scene into the glove on the table, which moves over the hammer, then hovers over the knife. Picks up the knife, zooms into the knife and moving up the screen, still watching from MJ’s perspective, towards the hat to find the name of another actress.

6. Cuts to the next scene of a wall mounted frame of MJ’s noses where the glove hovers up 3 of the noses then pulls the frame down as the director and producers name appear on opposite sides.

7. Looking down to find a floor stained in blood slowing fades to show the blood smeared and allowing the films title to appear from the blood.

Title Sequence:- 

I created the title sequence throught the use of Adobe Flash CS3, althought the background was of a dark nature, by adding a few of MJ’s idiosyncracies as well as adding non-secreters to several allergations towards him, thus adding a humorous footnote.

with sound&Effects 

Movie Unedited:-


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