2/07 – Internet TV Station

Genre possibilities:-

Comedy, horror, action, adventure, crime, drama, suspence, educational, romance, tragedy, dance, fantasy, supernatural

Content possibilities:-

Health & fitness, Martial arts, Movies, Nature, Skill development, Anime, Botany, DIY, Skills, Youtube, Travel, Dance, Technology, Music

Possible Names:-

ART-Chive, Aniplex, Defence, MA, M-Arts, Jutsu, Fit, DIY, Tutorial, Skills, Up2, Who says, How2, Complex, +12, One2step, Wicked, Old school, Hero,

Ten ideas for an Internet TV Station:-

  • How2 – A station full of tutorials and live viewings of people performing with indepth explainations and walkthroughts for various skills from DIY to Skiing. Series such as Ground Force or Extreme make-over which show, explain and teach skills of the trade. (www.How2.com)
  • Aniplex – TV Station that specializes in Anime (Japanese Cartoon), view your favourite animes the very day its released, no more waiting a week or month for the show be broadcasted to your local area. English dubbed or subtitled whichever is your preferance. (www.aniplex.com)
  • Jutsu – Anime heaven, watch as the station performs techniques to bring old and new relic animes of your choice and view them whenever suits you best.
  • Defence – Learn to defend yourself, martials to wrestling, watch fighting, high adrenaline movies or tutorials or combat shows (i.e Contender, UFC…). Begins at sunrise with a follow along indoor stretch and warm-up to help viewers to keep a regime. Also teaches weaponry. (www.DEFENCE.com)
  • One2step – Watch dance flicks from urban to classical including tv dance shows (i.e So you think you can Dance, Dance-off…) (www.one2step.com)
  • Wicked – Party animals or geeky nerds, looking for the next gig, the next hub or just want to socialise with people or find a quite place then look no further, as you shown the coolest clubs, latest shows or the social venues to book clubs.
  • Old School – Miss your favourite shows, looking to relish in what the past has given us, watch as you are taken a journey to the past and re-live those memories.
  • Art-chive – Internet TV Station displaying lectures and work of various artists. Historical to modern day art tallied and reviewed. Tutorials of techniques to help better oneself in art and how to look after your equipments. (www.ART-chive.tv.com)
  • Botany – TV shows that express care for the greenery in the world. Gardening skills, learn the language of the flowers.



Old School







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