3/02 – Self-initiated Project

The Brief

 Brent Weeks has written the sequel to the ‘Night Angel Trilogy’ and wishes to re-publish the previous before the sequel to re-introduce the fans to the story as well as gather new ones. I have been tasked to advertise and design covers for all six books. The task is to re-design the book covers of the night angel trilogy and re-promote the story, a limited offer gift to be designed for each gender of fans, as well as designs for the omnibus edition. Covers for the sequel, to be designed and promoted for individual sale and trilogy pack.


 Captivating and exhilarating, a story that takes you into the world of assassins as our young hero experiences friendship, love and betrayal. Introduce the world of wetboys* (*higher calibre of assassins with unique gifts) to the audience and a feel for the talent* (*the power possessed by wetboys)

Target audience

Although males are more likely to be interested in the book, the focus are rather unisexual, for the ages of 16 and above due to content.


 –         Must capture existing fans

–         Must bring forth the essence and feel of the story


Week 1 – Read book to gain visuals of the world within

Week 2 – Research : author, fans review/comments, promo/ads

Week 3 – Design ideas, promo ideas, design for limited gift

Week 4 – Feedback for ideas / begin finalising ideas

Week 5 – Finalised plans and designs printed A4/A2 for presentation

I researched various book covers belonging to The Night Angel Trilogy in existence and my favourite book website to view various quality and designs in use.


These are various designs of the Night Angel books from around the world.

Various Book covers

The Promotion

Using the idea of using scenes from the book, i chose to apply the same thinking into creating the promotion along side. Being that the main characters revolve around the world of assassins, using props such as knifes and swords were in my initial idea.

However speaking to my professor, the books fantasy quality revolving around the magic within the world, he told me to mould a fantasmagorical aspect to the my ideas.

The Ka’kari is the magical artifact that allows the user specfic powers within the book – with only seven in existence. Our main character gains the power of a ka’kari thus becoming a Ka’karifer.

The ka’kari were magical artifacts created by Ezra the Mad based on the original black ka’kari that he discovered, and given to Jorsin Alkestes’ Six Champions. They were described as a glowing, metallic balls. When squeezed they melted and covered the body of the holder like a second skin and gave them power over a specific element. They allowed the holder to become immortal, although they could still be killed in a way unaffiliated with the powers of their ka’kari. For example, the bearer of the silver ka’kari—made the user impervious to blades and other metals—could be drowned or burned to death. The only known way of destroying a ka’kari was with the sword Curoch.

Black Ka’kari

The original ka’kari, it was found by Ezra. He tried to replicate it but was only able to make inferior copies. Not much was known about it, but it was ancient and extremely powerful. It was sentient in nature, so it chooses the user. It chose Acaelus Thorne over Ezra and Jorsin Alkestes. It could telepathically communicate with the bearer, and had an often sarcastic sense of humor, similar to Durzo’s, presumably from spending seven hundred years with him. It was known as the Devourer and the Sustainer; it devoured most things it touches, including magic, except for the bearer. The black ka’kari allowed the bearer to become perfectly invisible to everyone except mages. It was also able to bring the bearer back to life after being killed. In doing so, the sacrifice of new life was ending another’s, this person being someone the bearer loved, either as a friend or loved one. This death was not immediate but it was imminent.

It is able to talk to the user and (according to Acaelus Thorne) it should always be listened to, whatever it says the user should do.

It’s abilities include:

  • Making the user invisible
  • Giving the user perfect vision regardless of light conditions.
  • Allows the user to see the “coranti“, the Unclean.
  • Devouring magics.
  • If you are killed, you will re-awake after 1 day and 1 night.
  • Injuries recover faster
  • Never Age

Silver Ka’kari

Originally given to Arikus Daadrul. Once bonded, the silver ka’kari made the user impervious to blades and other metals. The Globe of Edges in Cenaria was thought to be the silver ka’kari, but was a forgery. This could be the item that Garoth Ursuul wanted but was never made specific.

Red Ka’kari

Originally given to Corvaer Blackwell, also known as Corvaer the Red. Once bonded, the red ka’kari gave the user power over fire. It was hidden inside Mount Tenji by Durzo Blint in an attempt to keep it away from the Wolf. This action turned Mount Tenji into an active volcano.

White Ka’kari

Originally given to Trace Avagulania. Once bonded, the white ka’kari gave the user the power of glamour. Glamour being defined as a weave to give the bearer an illusion to others. Trace, reputed to be horribly ugly, became the most beautiful woman ever seen. Using the power given to her by the ka’kari, she became the Khalidoran goddess Khali. Destroyed by Kylar using Curoch.

Brown Ka’kari

Originally given to Oren Razin. Once bonded, the brown ka’kari gave the user power over the earth. The user could become a thousand-pound brute with skin made of stone. A much younger Durzo Blint gave it to the Wolf before deciding he needed to keep the artifacts safe from the Wolf.

Green Ka’kari

Originally given to Irenaea Blochwei. Once bonded, the green ka’kari gave the user power over plant life. It was believed to be somewhere in Ladesh which was a lie because it must be the other ka’kari given to Ezra’s Wood by Durzo, since Durzo was still hoping the globe of edges was the silver and he knew the location of the blue and red, and we now know Khali had the white the entire time.

Blue Ka’kari

Originally given to Shrad Marden. Once bonded, the blue ka’kari gave the user power over water. It also was said to allow the user to drain the liquid from a man’s blood. It was thrown into the ocean by Durzo Blint, which created the Tlaxini Maelstrom.

The Ka’kari being the most important artifact as well as having only seven in existence, i developed the idea of creating the Ka’karis as the a promotional prize. Using the omnibus to attact new fans, the promotional prize will also entice existing fans whom know the story behind the Ka’kari.

The prize will keep true to the story, only seven ka’karis will be made, thus there will only be seven winners. This prize will only be available with the Omnibus edition of the books.

Models I made by painting hand sized balls:-

The idea for the promotion is that the Ka’kari will be made of crystal and will be touch sensitive. The Ka’kari will come with a stand that connects with the Ka’kari and has a switch set up the light the Ka’kari to act as a night light, the stand also acts as a chargerf much like electric toothbrushes, so when picked up and held in ones hand it will light up to depict the scene in which Kyler bonded with the black ka’kari. This is to give the illustion of becoming a Ka’karifer for the prize winner.

Ka’kari design when illuminating

Similar pendant sized ka’karis will be made for salle with all books as a consolation prize, however will be made of metal coated plactic as well as being battery powered- will only light up when switched on.

Book Cover

Having read the books my initial ideas for to implement scenes of the book into the cover designs. Going with the idea of using scenes from the book to create the omnibus design, i made a list of the important scenes from the book that have a deep impact within the story as well as which correlate to the title of the book.

The Way of Shadows

  1. First scene with kylar through the floor board cracks

Shadow’s Edge

  1. Hell’s Asshole-lowest maw
  2. Rescue team
  3. Kylar/Vi with the earrings
  4. Kylar’s death
  5. Kylar packing up his wetboy grey’s/weapons
  6. Jarl’s death – Vi with her bow and arrow

Beyond the Shadows

  1. Hollow arm

  For the Omnibus, I have decided use the scene in which Kyler bonds with the Ka’kari as it brings all the books in the Night Angel Trilogy together. Its the focal point where Kylar’s character is shown in full as well as connects the stories because its the Ka’kari’s power that allowed the story to proceed.

I initialy thought of creating a standard book cover, an image of a character either photographed or a digital artwork. However, when i thought of what the story’s appeal being the magic, why not add that fantasmagorical aspect to the book itself. Original ideas being the simplest, design the book as a knife or have a sheathe for the actual book. But i thought it wasn’t enough for this book. Going back to the prize that will sought out by fans, i realised the reason people but props or buy figurines of their favourite film or show is because they want to connect and feel part of the fantasy.

With this in mind is tried to give the book a etheral and fantasmagorical essence. When speaking of magic the first the thought is smoke, the way when something goes poof. It also relates to assassins because of the cloak and dagger that comes with it. And I experimented with smoke to see what I could use.

This image contains the scene in which Kylar bonds with the Ka’kari during his fight with Durzo. The Ka’kari melts into a liquid metal and forms a ball which rolls towards Kylar. It then jumps into his hand and seeps through the cut on his hand and it steams whilst in the process. As it bonds the Ka’kari explodes in a  blue light.

My first ideas was to relate the smoke to steam of the Ka’kari image but wanted to wanted the smoke to be real. So I set about capturing smoke and creating the effect.

Using a blue bulb I tried recreating the scene Kylar was in.

I was able the catch some smoke into a plastic pocket. I planned on creating the a digital image of Kylar holding the the Ka’kari and sliding it though the pocket and filling it with smoke. However it proved futile as the effect fades, unknown if it was due to leak or basic science.

With this in mind I decided that as the Ka’kari is a special artifact and that only a Ka’karifer can bond with it, not only makes it rare to find but also extremely rare to bond with. By making the book a prop itself will entice buyers but also give an essence of the magic within the world but also give the illusion of being a Ka’karifer in the book.

The book will have the texture of a metallic oily and will mould to the holders hand as if it is bonding to the reader. To give this affect for show, i decided to use plasticine to make a model for appearance and to acheive the bonding effect as plasticine will mould to the holder.

Thus the idea I came up with is to make use of liquid to the book cover. Using diesel oil as it is thicker and gives off the liquid metal effect, I poured it a plastic sleeve hoping to gain the Ka’kari essence in its liquid form. Being a thick liquid, when held it should mould into the holder’s hand, it gives the illusional feeling of bonding with the Ka’kari much like the scene depicted.

Having the liquid cover was effective in creating the effect I wished for however the cover becomes unstable and flimsy thus having the digital image even if laminated inside the pocket is successful but volatile. The danger of having the plastic rip is always present and although can be solved by having hard cover plastic still risks damage such as cracks if dropped.

My reprive can from when I was playing with the model Ka’kari I made and though of making a hard cover with a soft feel. Squeezing the sponge Ka’kari and having mould around my fingers, the thought of rather having actual liquid depict how the ka’kari looks, why not simply have the moulding effect whilst still being to hold on to a solid mass.

Plasticine was the only material I could think of that would not only easily mould into generating the essence of liquid metal, it would also mould to ones hand when held.

Colours choosen are linked to the synopsis I wrote to go that links with the Ka’kari involved in the particular volume.

Omnibus – Black Ka’kari


  1. Volume 1 – White Ka’kari
  2. Volume 2 – Red Ka’kari
  3. Volume 3 – Green Ka’kari

Making Plasticine Cover

To create the effect of liquid metal effect, i used a spoon to twist and mould to plasticine, as well as using the bottom of a lucozade bottle to add a sentient and alive essence throught form.

Moulded cover

Using these as a based i decided to create the images and text for the covers by incorporating the same liquid metal effect. Using paint mixed with PVA glue to add a gloss. I’ve also decided that due to the design I use actual liquid to make the a linear background, that relate directly to the power of the Ka’kari, each colour is aligned to. This coming from the expirements fo making the book liquid.

 Although the title can be written in this method, the blend was unsuccessful in relation to images. I was also able to create the ridges to implement a liquidised background, it was a failure as i had no means of containing the liquid. I experimented with cleanfil but it distorts and overlaps quite a bit as well leaks. The spines were added last as had to be moulded to allow the book to open and close

Final Plasticine Cover

The omnibus model, the design being the image depicting the scene in which Kyler obtained the Ka’kari, had a circle ring that was to filled with a dark liquid, the image being a Ka’kari orb was to add a fantasmagorical effect of obtaining the Ka’kari. I had ordered petridishes from amazon but the order did not come and so i experiment with plastic lids however the lids would not seal to the plasticine. 

As the experiment was a failure and unable to procure the neccessary equipment for this type of project, I utalised what I had in terms of images I took during the process I made a digital prototype and kept the failed plasticine covers to show what the texture and effect I want the book to create.

Digital Cover

To make the digital image of what I had planned to make out of plasticine, I used the images taken in the process to make the base cover. Using  photoshop i the images for the final plasticine cover and overlaped images i had taken to create the scenes i wished to depict.

To produce the images i wanted, I experimented with how i want the scenes to appear on the cover.

Using photoshop and Illustrater, I edited the images until I was satisfied with a result. I also tried to edit the images so they stayed true to the character I was depicting, including colours worn by said person and hair colour.

 Final Designs – Omnibus Cover:-

I utilized the font I created for the title but as I had not had the time to develop it in the font lab – I utilized the ‘Fairy tale’ font and modifide it by erasing the segments in the font to try and bring it closer to the one i wanted.

 Final Designs – Night Angel Sequal Covers:-

In conclusion, once the final designs were done, I pondered upon the font I created and decided that the book itself will be written in my font. This thought brought me to how the paper would appear and was reluctant to destroy the effect iI wished the book to process and decided that the pages within the book will stay true the fantasmagorical effect the book was made for. Thus the pages will blend with the essence of the Ka’kari by being a part of the  it, although made of paper, it will be coloured and the illusion of texture to be printed on. Pages are photographs of the plasticine model :;

Paper for books:-

Font Design:-

I created this font to add to the mystical and fantasmagorical essence of the Ka’kari. The font is made with the thought of how magical runes. Initialy I created this font for use on the title but when I thought of how I came to conclusion of using the Ka’kari appearance for the pages and decided to use this font for the written text within the books as well.


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