05. Metamorphosis

My brief required me to photograph a three step transformation into a werewolf. My initial idea was to create the images through the use of photoshop however as photography is the main theme, I have chosen to use a costume allowing me to directly shoot the transformation.

I began by primarily taking a shoot of myself with a black backdrop. Cloth was used as the backdrop due to the crumpling, this allowed the flash to create a dark, eerie night as small fragments of light are formed.


Several shoots were taken until I found one with a composition with the main subject centered.


Once I found the image I believed was appropriate, I moved on to final stage of the transformation. The costume of the werewolf was bought from a fancy dress store in Leicester Square called ‘Angels’.


The first set of shoots taken showed a small section of my skin which primarily lead me to take up several postures to eliminate the problem.



Although I was able to hide the skin showing by my chest, my eyes still showed humanity within the werewolf, as the skin colour around my eyes stood out. Due to this fact, the illusion of the werewolf was lost as it is made redundant by proving the viewer it is indeed a mask. To eliminate this issue, I used face paint to colour around my eyes.



After successfully concealing my eyes, I then proceeded to creating the midway transformation. For this transformation I have chosen to use face paint and candle wax as well as pieces from the costume.



I used the face paint as my base for the transformation, I chose to paint my nose, eyes, ears, part of my cheeks as well as my hands. Sections of my chest and stomach were also painted.



Again, several shoots were taken until I found the one I liked.



After I had gathered all the shoots I chose the three I believed showed the best transformation in a three step process. These are the final three I chose :-





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